Mt Mitchell, NC

Last weekend I spent the weekend camping in North Carolina. I think NC is way better than SC…. IMG_5673IMG_5609

I camped at Black Mountain Camp Ground at the base of Mt Mitchell. The 6 mile trail to the top of Mt Mitchell starts at this camp ground as well. The minute I started the hike it started pouring rain so after an hour of hiking in heavy rain I just decided to get a camp spot at this camp ground. I’m glad I did because the camp hosts, Al and Gloria, were great and Sunday morning a pastor and his wife came up to have a service. One of the best services I’ve been to in a while. IMG_5623

These are called pray rocks. “The spiritual practice of stacking stones claims ordinary moments of life for God and invites those who pass by to notice the holy ground on which they already stand.”IMG_5630IMG_5644IMG_5765

I cheated and drove to the top because of the rain. I did have every intention of hiking it until the rain started. Its the thought that counts 🙂 IMG_5775-PanoIMG_5778


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