Upper East Side

Last weekend when I was in NYC staying with a friend in the Upper East Side, I ran into someone I met last year who told me he can take me to the tallest building in the upper east side. It was way past my bed time and I was exhausted but after a lot of soul searching I decided to get out my warm bed and longboard the 8 blocks north to his place on 96th and Park Ave (big shot with a Park Ave address).  It was another few blocks to the hospital but it felt like 100 blocks. Once in we climbed too many stairs because apparently there aren’t elevators on every floor…. Once we go to the top there was still a sketchy metal walk way that dropped I don’t even know how far on both sides then finally a ladder (I’m terrified of heights) to a small spot on the very top south west corner.

It was worth it.

Pan complete.jpg


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